“Euro Prime Farmaceuticals” SRL, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical medicines, was established in 2014. 

Our manufacturing unit has been designed, built and equipped in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (BPF) for pharmaceutical medicinal products.

The company is relatively young but already supplies a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products on the Moldovan market.

The scientific, professional, and industrial capacities of “Euro Prime Farmaceuticals” SRL allows manufacturing injectable and external solutions, oral suspensions, tablets, powder with antibacterial, anthelmintic, coccidiostat, tonic, rehydrating, and sedative effect, of the highest quality and affordable for both costumers.

Currently we are working on developing and implementing the system for ensuring the quality, safety, and efficiency, in ord

In 2016, our company was the winner of the “NOTORIUM” competition, in the Pharmaceutics category.er to secure the enforcement of the regulatory provisions in force.